Prohibition Note

Items/ Services not allowed on

Please note that the following items are prohibited on

Duplicated adverts - Posting of duplicates or similar items more than once on platform is prohibited and might lead to closure of your account.

Firearms and ammunition - Weapons that require a permit or legal authorization are not permitted

Illegal/Pirated copies - Copies, duplicates or "backup copies" of software or audiovisual items, including memory cards or other storage devices. e.g DVDs, CDs and books

Drugs, narcotics, tobacco and other smoking related products, Free to air decoders, Fireworks and derivatives, Alcoholic beverages, All forms of medications, Pyramid schemes / multi-level marketing, Animals considered to be endangered under any local or international laws, Affiliate Programs / rewards or commissions and / or business partnerships, Offers on how to make money / profitable time / work from home Human organs, Creams and gels to enlarge or firm up the male or female genital organs in human beings, Ads from minors, Replicas and counterfeits, Money Transactions - Ads or services offering the exchange(either online or otherwise) of any legal tender, Tarot Services Horoscopes and / or Voodoo (Black magic), Natural products that claim to cure diseases, Digital goods e.g. vouchers in electronic form, Coupons, vouchers and credit cards, Equipment for games of chance e.g Lottery tickets, Raffles, Betting Online Services, Explicit or adult content or services

Ads seeking for donations or help.

“Selfies” and images that have no relation to the posted item or service.

Academic writing and assignments

Ads of Used Underwear

Ads selling tusks, rhino horns or items made of ivory

Pepper Spray

Pornographic content e,g Adult / pornographic DVD's / Blue Movies/magazines

Any items or products with any racial, sexual or religious discrimination

Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin - SALE OR PURCHASE

Job search by a minor under 18 years of age.

Escort Jobs and nudity modeling jobs

Wild animal eggs.

Private detective/investigator ads

Massage services/Brothel services

Processing of personal identification documents; Birth certificate, Visa and Passport application services

Money Laundering/fake currency

Buy/Sale of Legal Tender/loans/online funds transfer

Any products, packages, services or images relating to beIN Sports.